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weymouthpanorama about the blog - About the BlogFounded in 2014, Weymouth Panorama is a website about touristic attractions located in the cities of Weymouth and Portland. Learn about the best activities in each town and how to enjoy the most of your time.

Read our articles about interesting local places and fun activities in Portland and Weymouth.

While most of our content is about the accommodation options and the activities you can do in Weymouth and Portland, we also write about travelling tips that can be applied no matter where you plan to go.

I’m Aidan Griffin, an INS inspector from Weymouth, that decided to start a blog about the city and the best locations for tourists. These were the first steps of the blog, as in a short matter of time, it became something bigger and better.

Weymouth Panorama started writing about the city of Portland, since it is one of the favourite places to visit by tourists. Nowadays, tourists from all over the world can easily access Weymouth Panorama and learn about the best activities to do in each town.

Behind Weymouth Panorama, there’s a team of two, me and my wife, who are more than happy to write about tourist attractions. Weymouth is great for those who need an online travelling guide that can teach them everything they want to know about Weymouth and Portland. We are locals and we know our way around the city.

Weymouth Panorama has grown over the past few years and has gathered a small community of loyal readers. Most of our readers have helped us write about their experience travelling, as well as giving us the best tips on how to pass the time in Portland. How to save some money while travelling and other types of articles are also available here.

The next time you prepare for a long business trip, or a vacation with your family, we highly suggest taking a quick visit to Weymouth Panorama and catch up with our latest content.